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Clear Creek County DUI Defense Lawyers handling drunk driving cases in Jefferson County, Summit Colorado and all of Clear Creek County.
A drinking and driving violation in Colorado is referred to as DUI - Driving Under the Influence or DWAI - Driving While Ability Impaired, depending on the motorist's blood alcohol content. Both are serious charges that could result in a permanent criminal record. You should be concerned enough about your future to want to keep your record clean, and the Clear Creek County, Colorado DUI Attorney Ed Shindel can help.
Ed Shindel practices Colorado DUI and DWAI defense, and offers a combination of personalized service and an aggressive legal defense. The Idaho Springs lawyer Reliance has a proven record of success and will provide straightforward answers throughout your case.
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The process of defending against a charge of driving under the influence in Clear Creek, Jefferson and Summit County is like maneuvering a maze. It takes experience, special insight and knowledge of Colorado DUI laws to be successful. Fortunately you do not have to do it alone. For immediate help, contact Clear Creek County DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer Ed Shindel by filling out the consultation request form on the Contact Us page or call (303) 567-2535. The initial review of your case is free.

Difference Between DUI and DWAI

A DUI in Colorado is defined as having a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher. It is a 12-point driving offense, and, according to Colorado law, the accumulation of 12 points in a 12-month time frame will result in your license being suspended. DWAI is charged when a motorist registers blood alcohol content between .05% and .0799%. It is an 8-point offense, so your driver's license will only be suspended if you have other driving violations, like speeding or reckless driving, on your current record. There are exceptions, and the Ed Shindel the DUI Attorney can explain the details of your specific case.

About Your Driver's License

Note that being arrested for drunk driving in Colorado will result in two cases. One is a criminal case that is resolved in the court system. The other is a civil case involving the Department of Motor Vehicles and your driving privileges.
During a DUI arrest the police will confiscate your driver's license at the scene after determining a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher. With a DWAI charge, the DMV will determine if your driving point penalties warrant suspension of your license and they will issue a notice to you.
There are a few conditions that can impact the terms and duration of your license suspension, such as whether you refused to take a breath or blood test or have any prior DUI arrests, but the common effect is that once you receive notification of a license suspension you have only 7 days to request a DMV hearing and try to save you driving privileges. If you do not petition DMV within those seven days you will automatically lose your license, and it is extremely difficult to get them to reconsider.
You stand a better chance of keeping your driving privileges by having the Ed Shindel represent you at the DMV hearing. It is another reason to contact us quickly and get the help and answers you need to successfully fight your CO DUI.

DUI and DWAI Penalties

The consequences of being convicted of driving under the influence in Colorado vary depending on your blood alcohol content, whether you caused an accident with injury and if you have any previous drunk driving convictions. Generally a first time offender can expect to perform community service, attend alcohol education or therapy classes, pay fines and court costs and spend some time in jail. You will also be placed on probation.
Colorado does not allow removal of records after successful completion of the terms of probation. This means if you are found guilty of drunk driving in Colorado you will have a permanent criminal record. Having experienced legal representation could result in a lesser charge, fewer penalties and possibly even dismissal of the charges. Protect your future and contact the Idaho Springs DUI Lawyer Ed Shindel for more information.
Ed Shindel Attorney At Law
The Clear Creek County, Colorado DUI Lawyer is committed to providing his clients with thorough and professional legal representation.
Ed will represent you through all phases of your DUI case. During pre-trial hearings he will negotiate with the district attorney to see if the charges can be reduced or dismissed. If you elect not to take the prosecution's offer, the Idaho Springs, Colorado DUI Attorney will set a suppression hearing to challenge the evidence against you. Following that there is the option of a jury trial. Throughout the case, Ed will be paying exhaustive attention to detail to secure the best possible results for you.



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