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Family Law Solutions

When it comes to divorce, having expert help can eliminate future issues — divorce agreements, parenting time agreements, and  the processes that you use to arrive at such agreements.

Getting divorced should not mean you have to turn your life, your finances, and your relationships over to a judge. You have options, and you can make your own decisions. The first important decision you can make is working with an highly experienced family law attorney who understands your goals and supports you in reaching them.

Ed Shindel, Attorney at Law empowers his clients to take a role in crafting divorce, property division, and parenting time (child custody and visitation) agreements that work for their families.

That's why we offer our clients the choices.  We help our clients access effective and cost-effective legal solutions for their family law matters.

Ed Shindel has decades of experience in family law.

Because the firm is small, Ed is able to provide each client with direct, personal attention.

If you are considering divorce,legal separation, or need help establishing paternity or getting child support, contact Ed. We serve clients in Denver, Idaho Springs, Gilpin and Summit County. 


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Criminal Law Defense 

A Clear Creek, Gilpin, Jefferson and Summit County Criminal Defense Attorney handling criminal law, felony cases, DUI, drug charges, and more. Professional help is a phone call away.
Located in Evergreen and serving Gilpin, Jefferson, and Summit County. Our office provides defense representation for all criminal matters throughout these areas; and in many other district, county, and municipal courts here in Colorado. Please call our office immediately when you have been charged with, or are being investigated for, an offense. We accept cases ranging from simple misdemeanors up though serious felony matters. Be prepared to tell us what your charges are, and the county in which you must appear. Be sure not to talk to the police before you have consulted with an attorney.

We Offer:

  • Reasonable Fees
  • Careful Analysis of Evidence
  • Aggressive and Thorough Investigation of Your Case
  • Protection of Your Rights
  • Persistence in Negotiating With the Prosecutor(s)
  • HIgh Quality Trial Performance

Strong trial skills are a must. Even if you choose to resolve your case with a plea agreement,  it is a skilled trial attorney that drives the prosecutor to "deal" the case. Thorough investigation is critical in every case. Uncovering any evidence which weakens the case against you can cause the prosecutor to fear a loss at trial, and this can help you greatly in plea negotiations.

If you choose to resolve your case with a plea agreement, you can expect that we will fight for the best possible outcome, and to minimize the consequences that you will face. Every effort will be made to make sure you are in the best bargaining position possible.




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